Support and Consulting Options

We have several free and commercial support and consulting options for IdentityServer.

Free support

Free support is community-based and uses public forums


There’s an ever growing community of people using IdentityServer that monitor questions on StackOverflow. If time permits, we also try to answer as many questions as possible

You can subscribe to all IdentityServer4 related questions using this feed:

Please use the IdentityServer4 tag when asking new questions


You can chat with other IdentityServer4 users in our Gitter chat room:

Reporting a bug

If you think you have found a bug or unexpected behavior, please open an issue on the Github issue tracker. We try to get back to you ASAP. Please understand that we also have day jobs, and might be too busy to reply immediately.

Also check the contribution guidelines before posting.

Commercial support

We are doing consulting, mentoring and custom software development around identity & access control architecture in general, and IdentityServer in particular. Please get in touch with us to discuss possible options.


We are regularly doing workshops around identity & access control for modern applications. Check the agenda and upcoming public dates here. We can also perform the training privately at your company. Contact us to request the training on-site.

Admin UI, Identity Express and SAML2p support

There are a couple of commercial add-on products available from our partners, check