Introspection Endpoint

The introspection endpoint is an implementation of RFC 7662.

It can be used to validate reference tokens (or JWTs if the consumer does not have support for appropriate JWT or cryptographic libraries). The introspection endpoint requires authentication - since the client of an introspection endpoint is an API, you configure the secret on the ApiResource.


POST /connect/introspect
Authorization: Basic xxxyyy


A successful response will return a status code of 200 and either an active or inactive token:

    "active": true,
    "sub": "123"

Unknown or expired tokens will be marked as inactive:

    "active": false,

An invalid request will return a 400, an unauthorized request 401.


You can use the IdentityModel client library to programmatically access the introspection endpoint from .NET code. For more information check the IdentityModel docs.